Saturday, October 5, 2013

Traveling alone, 2007

"See the pyramids along the Nile..."
the old song went
in the Thai restaurant,
a map of Southeast Asia over your head.
I listened to the words
and heard them for the first time.
I tell you that I'd always thought
the song was an ad for Egyptian tourism,
but she's really saying
"Anywhere in the world you go--
think of me!"
You say that nowadays
if you wrote a song like that
the singer would be called
clingy, dependent, obsessive.
(You side with her, having
threatened suicide once
when I told you about
another work trip for me,
this one to exotic Palm Springs, California.)
Yeah, I say, and her worrying would be a sign
that the guy she's singing about
is a philanderer.
(I relate to him, because
there are at least three men
you don't know about.)
We scoff at how the times have changed
and we eat pad thai
and we live the song.

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