Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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I’m not permitted to talk about it anymore.

I had to sign something saying I wouldn’t sue.

The doctor said there could be complications; nothing is one-hundred-percent guaranteed.

This is life; there are brand names on everything.

They showed me the copper T. It had the name of the company printed on it. It freaked me out to think about some brand name poking into my uterus.

I’m almost broke. I have heavy school debts. I agreed to it.

I did some research on them and found no news about lawsuits. 
I wanted to have kids right after we got married but this will give us time to be just us for a while and maybe even save up to travel. 
They said they would implant one inside me for free. To shut me up, I guess. Mindless birth control for 10 years – no strings attached, except for the ones they’ll someday use to pull out the device.

I made a lot of noise on their page. I called them out for using scare tactics to sell an expensive birth-control method – theirs is close to a thousand dollars, often not covered by insurance – to women who are probably already scared they might have complications or worse.

This one company’s ads were particularly heinous.

It just pissed me off. Having a baby is something I have always wanted to do, more than I have ever wanted to do anything.

There were all these “ads” that were links to information about class-action lawsuits that groups of women were mounting against manufacturers of birth-control devices. I guess these were anti-ads, to build in the viewer’s mind negative associations with a rival brand’s product.

As soon as I changed my relationship status to “Engaged,” I got the ads you would expect – wedding and bridesmaid dresses, stationery for thank-you letters, lingerie for “the big night.” But then I got some I didn’t expect.

I’m a pretty open person. I believe people benefit when you share things about your life and experiences.

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